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My First day in Office

Glory to be GOD in the Highest.

Praise the Lord, March 04, 2009 is my first day Officially working. I remember as the Lord almighty always reminds me that I need to start from the scratch. In many ways it is true, I can cover up many important things from this beginning stage.

Film Making is always a special Interest to me, but if I don’t have the foundation to stand and get in the Industry, it might affect my career. So if it is the will of God I like to concentrate more on my Spiritual life. Because I believe without the real cross centered life we cannot gain wisdom to do the will of God.

TapesGod gave me an opportunity to read and understand the scripture while I was capturing the tapes. After Thabiti talk from the conference  I look the old testament in a new way.

Sheik Zayed road from my Office looks like this. It is good to have windows next to the place where we work, for me when ever I look on the clouds I think about GOD’ amazing, fantastic, marvelous creation.



The Dialogue

Praise the Lord, for his amazing opportunity that he has given me, 

By the grace of God I could shoot my Officaly first Stage out side shoot with multicam. This was really exciting only thing was we have to be careful at the time of tape changing because all the cameras has the same time code so I was Cam A, Hadi was B, and Carl was C, so I was changing the tape first inorder to give them time to change the tape, because we don’t want to change all the cameras tape on the same time.

Focus Conference 2009img_0321Mac is the one who is standing at the back, Mac is the author of the book called Speaking of Jesus, Short Term Mission, 17 Things which my children taught me about GOD. Mac is a beautiful brother in our Team.

And also I could do the Roll up design for this Dialogue, Yes Praise the LORD, Glory to God in the Highest.