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Gospel Centered

Glory to God, I thank my God for his ultimate grace and sovereign power which is poured on us. Praise God for his creations, for his love, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, strength, control, affection, protection, and more than any for his precious son Jesus Christ. Through whom we are saved through the grace.

I’m exited about the last weekend were I got a chance to meet Paul tripp, It was a friday where we had a conference about the “What did you expect in Marriage?” which I think really was helpful for all the both singles and couples.

And by the Grace of God I got a chance to work with Glen to help the sound at the church for both the 8:00 and 10:30 service. And after that I could attent the Evangelism class which was led by Mack Stiles, who is the author of “Speaking of Jesus”, Mack is great person who is really filled with the passion to convey the Good News every day.

And by the Grace of God I also could understand many things which was hidden for a while, but my merciful Lord reveled all the information to me and still, he is guiding me.

Two links I would like to recommend is a beautiful sermon on Sex and the Single Man, by Mark Dever and couple of Others. This is a fantastic place to start if you are a single guy who has a heart to live a pure life before and after the marriage.

Now by any chance this is a woman who is reading my notes, Sister please forgive me.. I can guide you to a different sermon which is for you. So kindly please click hereWe’re Not on Hold: Biblical Femininity for Single Women


Gift of GOD

Glory to the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God

Ephesians 2:8

Praise the Lord for this wonderful new day. I can’t hide the grace that God has poured to us through his spirit which inspired through the love of Jesus Christ.

Life is different in theses weeks because my lord reveled his love to me. And he gave me his joy. Glory to God.

Each day is different in many things but when we realize the love of Christ all the days that is filled with pain is completed to a Joy of his love. Because the pain was taken for us on that cross by Christ. And it is not because what we have done that we are saved, but it is because what Christ already has done on that cross. It is easy to forget the Big picture. We always slip away from the paths that God want us to walk. But again only by the grace of the lord we are saved.

The month of April was completely filled with many experiences, God took me through many stages of life, some of them was really good because he taught me many things which I was really struggling, how to get out of it. I thank my God for strengthening me and my prayer always is to pass this tests and reach the gates that he is prepared for us on that day. I am nothing but he is Great Almighty God. Many of my thoughts was wrong compared to certain things. Well that was because my faith was not strong. But now I believe that how my lord works in the time of healing. Conversations was sometimes the beginning of some relationships, and this same conversations can also be an end of some relationships. It is some times we face a place of time we would wish to have it in our past life, but we are no longer a part of this world, and when I receive this situations I give that into the hands of my Lord. And even if it is a time of some kinds of different thoughts, I thank my lord for this time and pray to take control over me and the situation that I am in. And definitely the Lord will work there. Which I could experiance all the times.

You might think why am I writing this here in this blog, The Answer is simple. Jesus is in control.

There are certain times we need to be quite and listen to the words of the lord. And completely listen to him

I will never forget this day, because this is another beautiful day where my lord showed his essence of the love through the people or person. Enemy is trying to attach me with a wrong perspective to the whole event what happened. But I trust in my lord, He is in control over all things which is seen and unseen. Once again Glory to my lord and savior Jesus Chrsit