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Kingdom Oriented heart

Glory to God. I know its been a while since I have blogged. Well its good write some thing at least once in a month.

Each year God has a great plan of his advancement of his kingdom. And Christians(born again believers) has this great responsibility to join and be part of this great event. I wonder have you ever thought of praying the way how our Lord taught us to pray. Well If you have your bibles turn to the book of Matthew chapter 6 verses 9 to 10. (Its not the complete section but we are only taking the first few verses)

I was blown away when I could connect this prayer with his teaching and all this teaching if you look with an aerial view its the kingdom, but to reach in that position you need to know what is this kingdom.

A kingdom has a king and his ruler well, this is a normal kingdom. but the true kingdom of God has greater plans, The one the main plan was king sending his son to rescue the whole humanity (now you may ask that means even non believers? Yes absolutely, but the diffrence is that when you know the gospel and understand to it and respond to the gospel that is the time one get saved) which means putting your trust in Christ and his finished work on the Cross.

In Matthew 6:9 Our Father in Heaven

hallowed be your name

Your kingdom come

your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

lets consider this first three line. If you watch keenly you see the Vivid description of glorifying Gods name. How many of us when we pray first or at-least add the Gods name and glorifying his name and pray for his advancement of kingdom? Then we should understand that this is how Jesus taught us to pray.

We should always pray keeping the idea of kingdom advancement. Brothers and sisters that’s why we are here in this world to glorify the name of the Lord. By giving him praises and living a life worthy to his calling. Remember the price that Christ paid for us on the Cross. Christ is the exact Imprint of God, who came down in this world and humbly lived among our selves not couning equlity with God but became a sin who never sinned and died for us even death on a cross.

And God Raised him from the death on the 3rd day and seated him on his right hand. And gave him the authority over Heaven and Earth.

So its the open Invitation to every one. Repent of your sins, doesn’t matter how worst is your sin, Christ has won the battle. Now sin has no power repent and believe in the Gospel. That you might be saved.