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Big Picture is the Main Picture

New Look to the Blog

I’m so thankful to my Lord for this page were I can share the Word of God.

Well I really like to blog everyday with keeping the word of God up front, so I  thought I may change the look of my blog so that I may visit continuously, Now  the thing is I often forget about my blog. When I read some other blogs, I  remind myself of my own blog.

WordPress is a very good site for Beginners like me as well as professional bloggers.

Today at my work while I was reading the Proverbs, I had an encouragement the  verse touched me was

prov 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”

This is an amazing verse which clearly shares the Idea where the steps of wisdom starts. The Fear of the Lord, knowing him and understanding him through his word. God’ love was clearly potried through sending his son to die for us on the cross.

Now I use to live by saying and praying the general attributes of God and stop. But later I realize it doesn’t work like that or In other words to put, Lord teach us not that way in his Words. Then the question is what is the difference between Christians and the other religion. Although it is true that all the general attributes of God like God is love, God is great, God is caring, protecting and much more is true but were is Sin, Man, Christ, Death, Sacrifice, Redemption, Atonement, Righteous, and Gospel.

This is not just some theological terms, it’s something that we all need to continuously reminded of ourselves. The Gospel of Our lord Jesus Christ. If the Gospel is not present in our preaching, teaching, singing and even in our evangelisim then it cannot be called the True Evangelism. I cannot enter now into this topic, although evangelism is completely a different area.