Monthly Archives: September 2010

Good Online Resources

Internet is a great tool to find out good informations, I would say use the Good resources out there. Here are few Good sites that I visit often for  sermons, articles, books and much more.

The Gospel Coalition

Desiring God

9 Marks

Soverign Grace Ministries

more in coming weeks.


Beautiful Sermon on Biblical Theology

9Marks at Southeastern – Biblical Theology: Session 1 from Southeastern Seminary on Vimeo.

I have come across this Video yesterday. Mark is clearly unpacking Biblical Theology in a beautiful way.

Three Points of the Sermon

A) A Particular History

B) A Passion for Holiness

C) A Promise of Hope

Most Christians simply Ignore the Old Testament. But to complete the Big picture understanding of God’ plan we need to know the Old Testament. God’¬†wonderful¬†revelation of Christ is revealed in the Old Testament.

I was really inspiresd by his sermon, were he said ‘We need to have an affection to what God want to reveal to us’. I hope this sermon should give us an outline picture of God’ Big Picture.