Knowing God

Knowing GOD is a fantastic book by J.I. Packer. I’m currently reading through it with one of my brother from church. We are encouraging each other by praying and supporting spiritually. The best part of our time is spend on talking about how God graciously lead us through these difficult times. I love fellowship and it’s good to spend time with mature christians, If you are a young christian you should definitely be hooked up with a local church and get involve in small groups. And also try to keep an accountability  partner.

Something I like about this book is how Packers simplicity in communicating complex matters. I heard about this book a lot and I had a desire to read it but it was not available locally. But when the time came Lord provided a copy for me free. So I’m just thrilled to see things happening in God’ timing.

Packer nail down points clear that every genuine christian could understand. My prayer is that as we read these Good books we may not side tracked to a new trend of reading books and not the scriptures. Scripture is the ultimate source of knowledge, and where we see the charecter of God from the OT and NT. God is revealing him self progressively through out the scriptures. There is no other book in this world that can put down the Bible.


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