Monthly Archives: May 2013

Reflection after 4 years

This is quite a long time after I posted my first few blogs. In fact my last blog in here was from June 24th, 2011. Well that tells that I’m not a consistant man. I make mistakes, leave things without completing, mess up things, feel tiered after a while and on and on, now those are not escuses those are simply my sins.

I’m deeply thankful to God that I’m alive to write this blog after these years. And not only that many things have changed in this past four years.

When I joined at my work four years ago I had a very different perspective than the one that I have now regarding film making and video production. I joined the company filming the dialogue and here i’m quitting it by filming it again.

It was an absolute privilege for me to do this live shoot. I heard both the speakers well this time I could at least follow what they were saying not that it was not clear in the past years but I was more alert at the time.

Things I learned this last years

1) God is in control and not me

2) Things what you like now might not be the interest for you down the line (What you like now might be what you like 5 years from now)

3) People change but God doesn’t!

4) Pain makes you perfect (both spiritual and physical) Pain reminds us to think higher than our ability to solve. It forces us and gently reminds us that God is in full control and only He knows what is next.

Knowing Christ Jesus is sweetest joyfully peace that a man will ever know. He is the definition of Love and Perfect peace. None can live in this world in peace without repenting theirs sins and accepting Christ Jesus as their personal saviour and LORD.

I’m deeply thankful to God for all His blessings. I pray that all the coming days, weeks, months and years that I glorify His name, make His name know among the nations.